About Someplace When

What is Someplace When?

Someplace When is an illustration studio that hand draws your special location to capture those nostalgic memories of a special place or time.

Who draws your special beach?

I do! My name is Jordan, and I am a lover of beaches, graphic design and hearing about your special location. I live in beautiful Robe, South Australia. I run a store on the Main Street of Robe, Sada Store, alongside Someplace When. If you are ever on the Great Ocean Road, please pop in and say hello! Maybe even purchase a keepsake of your travels.

Someplace When

Who should buy a piece from Someplace When?

Anyone that has a special memory of a time or place. Maybe you have a family holiday in mind? Or did you get married on location? The possibilities are endless. Savour these memories in the form of art to hang in your home as a reminder of these special times.

Where is Someplace When based?

Someplace When is based in Robe and grew from my love of the ocean and graphic design. Finding that families who travelled to our sea-side town wanted to take home a keepsake as a reminder of their adventures, or locals wanting to capture their favourite camping or surfing spots.

Each beach illustration is hand drawn by myself to ensure every path, rock pool, jetty, surf break and lighthouse is captured within the map, as this just might be your favourite feature.