Customise Hand-made Map/Art Order

For us to get started on drawing your custom map art please email Jordan below. In your email below, please include the following:

  • Who the map is for (eg. a friend, wedding or yourself)
  • The location you would like us to draw
  • Any special addresses or features we need to include in your map

As we hand draw your custom map/art order please note different prices below:

  • A3 Print - $250 (originally $60)
  • A3 Print, Framed in Oak - $350 (originally $300)
  • A2 Print - $300 (originally $150)
  • A2 Print, Framed in Oak - $450 (same price)
  • A1 Print - $350 (originally $230)
  • A1 Print, Framed in Oak - $600 (same price)

Please note, custom orders generally take a month so please keep this in mind when ordering your custom map art.